What is Cosmelan MD?

Treating skin conditions such as melasma and hyperpigmentation is difficult due to how deep it lies within the skin. Even medications or products over the counter have trouble targeting discoloration within the skin’s surface, however, things have changed. Cosmelan MD Depigmentation Treatment offers a non-invasive depigmentation action for all skin types. With a Cosmelan MD treatment, these skin conditions can be greatly improved and flawless.

Cosmelan MD is a depigmentation treatment used to lighten visible skin discolorations such as sun exposure, aging, the hormonal fluctuation due to pregnancy, menopause, or acne. Cosmelan is even highly effective for all types of hyperpigmentation (Melasma, Chloasma, UV and PIH). Studies have shown that Cosmelan can effectively reduce skin discolorations by up to 90% if used appropriately.

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