What is Dysport?

Dysport is one of the most popular beauty medical treatments in Europe because everyone loves being wrinkle free. One of the newest names in the Botox industry is called, Dysport. Dysport has been around for close to two decades world wide.
Wrinkles may develop as muscles under the skin contract when we laugh, smile, frown or express emotions in any way. Over time, as the muscles contract and relax again and again, it becomes a pattern which is how you can start to see the wrinkles. Dysport works by countering the effects of the muscles under skin, and by weakening its ability to contract to avoid any possible patterns.
The reason why everyone loves it so much is because it stops the skin from creasing, and leaves you with even, smooth, and flawless skin you’d love to show off. If you want to stop the first signs of wrinkles or want to rejuvenate and tone skin, lines and features, we have the answers.

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  • CompanyDysport
  • IndustrySkincare/Beauty
  • ServicesInjectables
  • COST$4.99 per Unit
Frown before Dysport treatment
Frown after 50 units, Day 31. Individual results may vary.
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