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What is Pumpkin Peel Treatment?

For starters, why a pumpkin? Pumpkins actually have the highest vitamin A content which easily makes it to the top of the list in skin care treatments. Vitamin A is a highly active antioxidant that targets the part of the skin cell that’s responsible for starting cell turnover. Essentially, vitamin A helps boost all the layers of the skin making way for the newer rotation of skin cells to emerge.

This treatment is formulated to provide deep exfoliation to the facial area, allowing acids to effortlessly penetrate clogged skin pores by successfully eliminating surface bacterias and oils.

* Increased Cell Turnover
* Reduced likelihood of acne breakouts
* Smoother and Tighter Skin
* Decreased Fine lines and Wrinkles
* Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Benefits
* Increased Epidermal and Dermal Hydratio
* Assisted in release of Blackheads
* Stimulated production of Collagen and Elastin
* Lightened Pigmentation

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  • TypePumpkin Peel
  • IndustrySkincare/Beauty
  • ServicesChemical Peel
  • COST$70
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