Bio-Cell Mask

Serum-Saturated collagen mask loaded with powerful anti-aging ingredients

Flawless Med Spa Recommends the Bio-Cell Mask for Youthful Skin

In the never-ending quest for healthy skin, Flawless Med Spa is always on the lookout for products and treatments that can take skin care to the next level. One of the best ways to treat skin issues like dry skin, rosacea, oily skin and even blemished skin is with a face mask!

What is a Facial Mask?

The right kind of face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of pores. They’re an excellent method to help pull out impurities within the skin.

What is a Bio-Cell Mask?

What exactly is all the hype about on these masks? The Bio-Cell Mask is a serum-saturated marine collagen mask that incorporates peptide technology in an advanced microencapsulation system for your skin. The mask’s properties include freeze-dried marine collagen, powerful antioxidants, vitamin c, and 8 botanical extracts to hydrate, brighten, and improve the appearance of sagging facial contours.

The Bio-Cell Mask has excellent features of successful moisturizing, brightening, and sustaining a balance in skin tone and complexion. It consists of a Bio-Cellulose material which will consistently be absorbed into the skin to help brighten and moisturize deep inside the pores. Here’s a list of some benefits of a Bio-Cell Mask:

  • Suppress and stop the development of melanin to brighten skin
  • Improves moisture and helps balance the waters and oils in the skin
  • Revitalizes skin immunity
  • Antioxidant functions that increase skin elasticity and nutrient absorption
  • Relieves and repairs skin from UV-rays and daily stress
  • Promotes skin regeneration

How to Use?

This product is truly amazing, but how does one actually use it? Well for starters, apply the mask after your nightly cleansing routine. Use the serum-saturated side of the mask on your face and carefully peel off the linen-like material from the mask. Keep it on for roughly 15 to 20 minutes. After application, do not rinse!